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Spoken English Classes in Bangalore & IELTS Coaching Bangalore

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Spoken English Classes Bangalore

One can find a lot of spoken English classes in Bangalore. And each of them claims the same, that they are the best spoken English classes in Bangalore. But, we don’t, we leave it up to you to decide and judge why it’s us, who cater the best spoken English course to you.

IELTS Coaching In Bangalore:

A coaching institution which is providing you with all your needs for IELTS is really hard to find. But not anymore! You are here with the best IELTS coaching centre which can help you enhance your skills in the best possible way. We know the secrets which students seek for in an IELTS training classes.

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Why Spokenenglishclass.com?

The first question that one would be asking with so many Spoken English Classes in Bangalore online, that why would one need another one. Well, the points stated below might answer all your queries.


* We do not follow the traditional ways of teaching

* We know the tit bits about how to get the most out of a person because we have a great amount of experience in the same field.

* We are friendly with the students, which help them clear all doubts and learn all that they can.

* Our experts are always ready to help. Unlike other institutes, we do not just entertain students during the class periods. Anyone, having any problem during or after their English language courses with us can call on to us at any point of time. We would try our best to help.

Who Needs Spoken English Coaching?

In the world of globalization, where the world is becoming a smaller place every single day, it is really a need of the hour to know English and keep yourself prepared with atleast one English speaking course. Proper knowledge of English leaves any person smarter and confident. In the same way, it is needed for an employee to know fluent English in order to present his presentation to the clients and also for a person who is appearing for an interview. In today’s world, every single individual needs a good spoken English Coaching in Bangalore.


Who Needs IELTS Coaching?

International English Language Testing System that is what IELTS stands for. The test is conducted for non-native English people to show their proficiency in the language. Anyone who wants to continue with a job or education in the countries like USA, Canada, and others countries, would have to go through the IELTS test to proof the ability of the proficiency in the language and we here, at the best IELTS coaching in Bangalore, provide you with just the best opportunity to learn from us. The importance of the examination can be understood from the fact that the test results are accepted by most of the British, Australian, New Zealand and Canadian academic institutes. Furthermore, more than 3000 institutes of United States of America consider the IELTS results and that is why we provide to you the best IELTS coaching classes in Bangalore. Thus, if you have a dream to settle abroad or you want to pursue your job in some of the most well-known institutes of abroad or even if you want to move out of the nation for higher studies, IELTS is just the exam for you.


  1. Being from a village, I got married at the age of 18. Ever after that, I gave up on my education. Now my husband has become the MD of his company. However, it is tough for me to communicate with his friends because they do mostly speak English. I took my English lessons from spokenenglishclass.com as a result of which I can now be the star of any event. Thanks to the best spoken English class in Bangalore.


  1. I am from Bihar, after having got into one of the most reputed colleges in Bangalore, I was more than happy to get my admission over here. However, my dreams to have the best friends in college were hindered with my English speaking skills. That is when I decided to get my English speaking lessons from spokenenglishclass.com and it has got me my college life!


  1. I wanted to read Coelho in the language he wrote and not in my mother tongue. That is when I thought of taking English classes from one of the best language institutes of Bangalore. The experience in spokenenglishclass.com was that of a lifetime. It has helped me achieve my dreams.
  1. I was not good in academics, so I did start off with my import-export business. The biggest hindrance that was In front of me was the fact that most of my overseas client would talk in English, which I could hardly reciprocate. So, I started off my lessons in the best spoken English institute of Bangalore. I now have a strong group of 30 clients internationally!


  1. I got my nursing degree from one of the most well-known degree providers of my area and also got a job in a reputed hospital. But then, I had problems in serving the patients, as I could not talk in English properly. However, joining the best language institute of Bangalore helped me brush up my English skills.


  1. When I started my career 30 years back, many of the documents were in my mother tongue, almost all. But now with globalization, I need to have the knowledge of English to get the same, I joined the best spoken English and IELTS coaching and this has helped me even at this old age to learn a lot! Thanks a lot, spokenenglishclass.com!



What would be my Fees?

Well, we, at the best IELTS coaching centre in Bangalore, look forward to providing you with the best that we can, at the most affordable price. However, having said that each English language course have different fees for each course.


What is the Syllabus?

The syllabus will vary depending on the course that you choose. You can contact us, to know the syllabus of the various courses and we would be able to help you in choosing the best language course for you.


What would be my timing?

We are here to help you out at various times of the day. We are sure, that you would have the chance to get the timing of your choice. However, we would like to inform you that the seats in the  IELTS courses and the English speaking courses in Bangalore are getting filled up at a lightning rate, so please contact us at the earliest and book your seat.


What Is My Course Duration?

Depending on the language course that you opt for, you would be informed how much time you would need exactly to complete your course in the best IELTS classes in Bangalore.


We hope, to meet you soon in our classes and we would be just more than happy to help you with all that you need, as, for us, it’s not just our job, it’s our passion.