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Spoken English Classes in Coimbatore & IELTS Coaching in Coimbatore

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Feeling insecure about your accent and(or) grammar while speaking English? Are you left stuttering at interviews because you can’t fluently finish a sentence? A solution to all these problems is underway as we present to you the best spoken english classes Coimbatore has to offer. Staffed with esteemed faculty who have been vigorously trained and have tremendous experience, we provide the best sort of coaching to elevate your spoken English. Associating yourself with spokenenglishclass.com, you can be sure to succeed in any field and also efficiently carry out conversations of any sort. We provide the best IELTS coaching in Coimbatore such that you are guaranteed a good score. More than anything else, we promise to instill a sense of confidence that will take you further than any technical skill.


Do you have a dream of going abroad but are not well equipped with English proficiency? You are not alone. The main obstacle many brilliant students face is not being able to crack the IELTS. Never fear as we provide the best possible IELTS coaching in Coimbatore. Our staff is equipped to handle questions of varying difficulty in a manner that all students can relate to. Our regular tests and practise sheets will give you a familiarity to IELTS exam along with knowledge in spoken english. Enrolling in our IELTS coaching classes, you can be sure that you are one step closer to achieving your dream.


The best spoken english class in Coimbatore title is not just a claim. There is a reason why we truly deserve that title and it is because, we make it happen for you.


Our faculty consists of a set of very determined and passionate people who work around the clock to provide all our students with the best experience they possibly can. And it does not stop there.


We accept the fact that every student is unique and we respect individuality and also understand that every student learns at a different pace. Here, at spokenenglishclass.com, we cater to individual needs and do not allow a student to fall to the bottom of the pack. For this reason, we only have a limited number of seats. So , it’s now or never, hurry up register with spokenenglishclass.com!


Our syllabus and tests are time tested and cover all the aspects involved with the IELTS. We will slowly take you through the complexities of the English language and break it down into simple formats that can be easily grasped by anyone.


We live by the motto: ‘no doubt is stupid’ and that is why we encourage our students to come to us with any queries they have and are available round the clock for the same. So, if you have a doubt, don’t hesitate to trouble us because we love it.


Now, you might be wondering how much all this will cost. We can assure you that our aim is not maximum profit but a desire to help our nation to come out of its backwardness and speak without bowing our heads down to anyone. We provide quality service at a very nominal cost so as to accommodate any sort of financial difficulties.


Spoken English is not a thing of the ‘new generation’, the people who benefit the most from learning to speak english properly are the common people. English has come to be accepted as the universal language and a person who is not well versed in the language will find difficulties in various situations. When you are at a foreign place and you do not know the local language, knowledge of English will come as a boon. So it does not matter who you are and where you come from, learning English will never let you down. This is the reason why we provide the best possible Spoken English Classes that Coimbatore has ever seen.


The trend now is go abroad for further studies after your bachelors. The best Universities abroad base a portion of the selection criteria on English. If you want to excel and crack your IELTS examination at your first go, your best bet is to join our family and learn from the best of the best at our language institute.


What is the fee structure?

We provide several English courses tailored to your needs. The prices vary according to the package you feel best meets your requirement. For information on the various courses and their fees, please feel free to visit us at our office or contact us via email.

How long are the courses?

Since there are several types of requirements, we provide several types of courses and their duration also varies accordingly.

What are the timings?

We will try our best to allot timings that are most convenient to you. Since there are only limited number of seats, we urge you to register soon to allot you the time most suitable for you.

What is the syllabus like?

Our syllabus is time tested and covers all the aspects involving the IELTS exam. We also provide different syllabi for the various spoken english classes that will provide our students with maximum benefit.


  • My friend recommended this spoken english class to me and I’m extremely happy about the service. I learnt a lot.
  • I didn’t know how to speak well before I went for the spoken english class. They took  good care of me and slowly taught me everything. Thank you spokenenglishclass.com
  • I highly recommend spokenenglishclass.com to any one looking to ace their IELTS exam. They have a very affordable fee structure and teachers who guided me well.
  • They took time to clear all my doubts and provided me with all the sample papers and practise sheets which very much helped me in scoring well for my IELTS exam. Now I am able to talk freely in English which I was not able to do before.
  • I rate spokenenglishclass.com to be among the top 5 spoken english classes in Coimbatore!