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Spoken English Kochi,Cochin Spoken English Classes in Kochi

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Spoken English Classes Cochin:

Welcome to the best language institute in the city of the Queen of The Arabian Sea! We welcome you to a whole new experience and the great thrill of learning and using a new language fluently. We, englishspeakingcource.com is one of the premium spoken English classes in Cochin, and now we are out to help you with all that we can. Associate yourself with the best language institute in Kochi and get a chance to be the English speaking person in your family and among friends. Our Spoken English Courses take care that you would always get everything that you did ask for. The IELTS coaching that we provide is one of its type. We give you the assurance enrolling yourself n our prestigious IELTS Classes, you would be with the best IELTS coaching centre in Kochi.

IELTS Coaching Classes In Cochin:

Cochin has been the abode of some of the most talented people in the nation. However, because of the English ascent and the language skills that are common among the south Indian people, meritorious students from this part of the nation, has not been able to crack into the IELTS examination. We are here with the IELTS coaching classes in Kochi that you are looking forward to. We would provide you with all the tests and preparations required to crack the prestigious exams.

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Why SpokenEnglishClasses.com

There are reasons why we are the best among all and every day hundreds of students are coming in touch with us. There are reasons why we are that language institute that has collected the appreciation from all our students. There is a reason why you are here reading this, cause you must have seen or known, that none but we are the best in the field of English Spoken Clases in Cochin. But Still, We would state a few points to describe why we are the best spoken English Class of Kochi:

  1. We have experience. Yes, that is something that is on our side. We have some of the most recognized and experienced people in our side, who would help you in your lessons, while you are enrolled with us.
  1. Round the clock doubt clearance and assistance: Well, you have a doubt? Feel free to hop into our office at any time. A student is asked and requested to come up and meet the teacher to clear his doubts, without any hesitation. Unlike any other institute, we love clearing your doubts and entertain you every time you reach to us.
  1. Helping you know the speak peaks of English. Well, what exactly is meant by that is, helping you know every particular thing and style about the language. A small example, if you ever come across “the” do you have any idea whether you would pronounce it “da” or “di”? If you do, well and good, if you dont, come to us and let us help you with thousand other such tricks that would make you a store house of vocabularies, helping you get past your IELTS exams with ease.
  1. High Quality at Low Rates. Well, you must be wondering how and why we offer such a thing to you people right? Well, let me tell you that we are not here to earn. We are here to help our dear friends, juniors, and everyone round. So that, we can all make ourselves one of the best English speaking regions of the nation. Thanks to the love and support that we have from you, we have enough students to help us with the costings, thus we can afford to help you out with a nominal price.

Who Needs Spoken English Coaching?

Knowing a new language is a thrill to all and to enjoy the same, join the best English coaching class. English is one such language that is always needed in the everyday world. Even for a housewife, to read the daily newspaper, she would have to learn the language and use it properly. For a youth, having a great skill in this particular language can help them flaunt the skills in the social media websites. An elderly person would love to communicate with others in English cause not all do understand the native Tamil language of the older person. In short, every single person, be it a housewife or a student or be it a job holder. This is one skill that is needed by one and all.

Who Needs IELTS Coaching:

Welcome to the place where your dreams take off wings! Have you always dreamt of pursuing your job in the US but now your English skills are preventing you from the same? Did you get admission in one of the Universities of Australia, but now English stands in your way to start your journey? Well, then here we are, the best IELTS course provider in the nation with all the advantages and benefits that the students can ever ask for. we know all the time-tested and unique idea to break through the examinations. We have all the facilities that it takes for one to give the best.

Listen what our students say about us

  1. Before joining the spokenenglishclass.com, I never felt learning English would be so easy and fun. The people out there are so very helpful and generous. Surely this is the best English institute of Cochin. The English courses offered by the institute are such that it helps everyone develop the English skills.


  1. Talk about experience, talk about personal care, talk about helping the students, talk about any particular thing, this institute gave me all. I loved to be a part of this English Speaking class.


  1. This is my hearty request to all my dear friends who are thinking to join the best spoken English classes in Kochi, not to waste time and join the classes. They are the best that you can ask for. They would provide you with every detail that you require and also help you in your classes in the best way.
  1. It took me quite some long time to understand the need of taking up IELTS classes in Cochin so that I can improve my chances in the prestigious examination. But then, when I did, I am proud to say this, that I did join englishspeakingclasses.com, the most recognised and the best IELTS classes in Cochin. They helped me in every possible way. I am really thankful to them.


  1. They did provide me with all. The notes, the syllabus, the suggestions, the probable set of questions, just every possible thing. The only thing that was left on me was to study, cause they had also taken up all the duties to encourage me in every possible way. They did wonders to me and my English!


6. If you do not know English properly and fluently in this century, you are one of those that people will laugh at. And I was one of them, but then a good friend of mine suggested me to this classes, I took up admission and now here I am, having quiet a strong grasp over the language. All this is because of the best language institution in Cochin, englishspeakingclasses.com

Frequently Asked Questions


The Fees of various English courses vary. Thus, to get the in hand answer of exactly what would be the cost for your English learning course, please make sure you visit us or call us. We would love to hear from you.

Course Duration:

Depending on the course you choose, there would be a variation in the number of days that you would have to attend us. We have got various programmes that we help you with. Please feel free to check out of them.


We are here to help you at your most convenient time. However, having said that, we have only a limited number of seats, so that we can help every student enrolled with us the best facilities. Thus, to get yourself the timings that you want to be enrolled in, please rush to our office, before the seats are taken up.


We are having various syllabus for various programmes. Please choose the programme that you would love to be a part of and then we would surely help you with the syllabus of the respective course.